We have been embroidering Family Coats of Arms since 1993. While we wholesale through some Irish and
Celtic Shops throughout the country, our primary outlet has been Irish, Celtic and Scottish Festivals, Craft
Fairs and the Internet. All our products are "Made in America" . Our Throws, our Custom Designed Pillow
Covers and Tapestry Wall Hangings are woven for us in Hendersonville, NC. We do all the embroidery in New
Hampshire, "Live Free or Die".

We have over 3,500 Irish Family Coats of Arms in our digitized database and we are adding more almost
every day. We keep a large quantity of the most common Irish names in stock for quick delivery. This allows
us to immediately queue for production those orders for the less common name, so again, delivery is usually fast.

We have more than 1,000 Scottish, Welsh and English Family Coats of Arms and Scottish Belted Clan Crests
in our digitized database.

We research, digitize and embroider Family Coats of Arms for all European nationalities. We have over 1,000
digitized Coats of Arms for French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Scandinavian, Russian and many other
European nations.  If you would like us to research your family Coat of Arms, please
Contact Us.
Beautifully Embroidered Coats of Arms
Any questions or to place your order by phone, please call toll free 1-888-929-0505 9AM-9PM EST Everyday
Celtic Crests, 416 High Street, Hampton, NH 03842-2311   Email: CelticCrests@comcast.net   Fax: (603) 601-7920
Celtic Crests
All Nationalities are available.
Please call or email us with the
name and nationality and we will
research your Coat of Arms.